- F.A.Q.'s -

What style of tattoos

do you do?

- Full Color, Neo-Traditional / New-School style tattoos.

I also enjoy Black&Grey, Script - Lettering, & stipple / black work.

What would your ideal

client be like? 

- A relaxed client who is interested in a custom tattoo and has an open mind towards design & artistic freedom.

  • Flexibility with scheduling appointments & sitting well for longer periods of time are both a big plus!

How do I make

an appointment?

 - Make an Appointment

What is your hourly rate? 

   - $150 per hour 

@ any guest-spot

& convention.

How long will my

tattoo take? 

- This depends on the amount of detail,  overall size of the project, & it's positioning on the body.

  • How well the client sits also plays a role in the time factor.

How much will my

tattoo cost? 

- $150 per hour.

Do I need a deposit to

make an appointment? 

- Yes! A deposit of $100 is due @ the time of scheduling the appointment.

 The deposit is non-refundable & will come off the total price of your tattoo once completed.

 When can I get tattooed? 

- Most clients can expect a 1-3 months wait period.

 Is this something you

would tattoo? 

- Normally, if the tattoo is in my style; then YES, of course! 

  • Tattoos are only turned down if they are in a different direction than my current realm of expertise ; in which case another artist will be recommended.

 When will I receive a


- Typical response rate is 7-10 days.

 I never received a

response, WTF?..

- Please re-email, it happens. 

 When are you coming

to my town?

- Hopefully soon!

Give me a shout & let me know to come to your town ASAP!

 Can you rework this tattoo

I got from another artist? 

- No, I do not take on reworks.

But, if you would like a new tattoo in a fresh area of skin, please fill out the

Tattoo Form listed here!

 Can you cover this

tattoo for me? 

- That depends .

Cover-ups rely on many other factors in order to work. Like, how dark the previous tattoo is, or how well it has or hasn't aged...

Some cover-ups call for Laser Tattoo Removal to be covered properly.  

The client must be flexible enough with their idea to cover the previous tattoo  & bare the best results possible. 

The client will be advised the best plan of action based on the inquiry.

 What is your touch-up


-If a client has experienced minor issues during the healing process:

 the tattoo can be touched up @ a flat-rate discussed between artist & client. 

  •  Issues caused by poor healing techniques are not applicable under the touch-up policy and are re-worked @ $150 an hour.